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Brehnan Miller and mathew mozzonI DUO

“Flow” is an album that Mathew collaborated on with Louisville drummer, Brehnan Miller. This album is a duo album, consisting of guitar and drums. It was recorded in 2018. The album features original compositions from both Miller and Mozzoni, as well as some covers of pop tunes and songs from the standard jazz repertoire. The interesting challenge on this album was to walk the line between embracing the space of just guitar and drums, without it feeling too empty or like something was missing. This album also features completely improvised compositions using the same musical idea that are woven throughout the album.

The sonora project ep

the sonora project

“Sonora Project EP” is the pet project of drummer, Miguel Monroy, who is a professional drummer and writes for Modern Drummer magazine. This group was already established when Mathew started playing with them. All these compositions had been written already, and he was asked to come in on some sessions to add a little something that would take them over the top. The unique challenge presented to Mathew on this recording was to add just enough to make the recording better, without being too much and stepping on what had already been written. This album features some great improvised solos; among them are NYC saxophonist, Noah Reed’s.


Idris Frederick

“Colors” is the debut release from virtuoso pianist, Idris Frederick. Frederick currently attends The New School in New York City. Mathew plays on the track “Tabula Rasa” which features an improvised solo. Mathew helped in the arranging process, including composing various horn lines and arranging the outro. This was an enjoyable project featuring complex time signatures, polyrhythms, and intricate melodies.

run for help

stuart wicke band

“Run For Help” is the release from singer-songwriter Stuart Wicke. Mathew met Stuart during his time at the University of Louisville. Stuart was earning his degree in jazz bass, while Mathew was studying jazz guitar. Interestingly, on this album, Stuart plays guitar and Mathew is on bass. Stuart is a staple in the Louisville music scene and is an excellent composer, lyricist, guitarist, and bassist. Mathew plays bass on this album and offers background vocal parts on some tracks. “Run for Help” was recorded in 2018 and is the 2nd album of Wicke’s that Mathew has worked on.

stuart wicke band live

stuart wicke band

“Stuart Wicke Band Live” was recorded live in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2017. This album features all-original compositions from singer-songwriter Stuart Wicke, some from previous releases, some heard for the very first time. Mathew played bass on this album. This was drummer, Brehnan Miller’s, first outing with the ensemble, which is notable considering how tightly these arrangements were performed. This album is 100% live, all recorded from the same performance.

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